Thankful For…March 2017

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Some things I’ve been thankful for as of late:

New ideas

Humorous celebrity memoirs

Veggie burgers

Spring is almost here!

Finally having some clarity about my future plans

Bank cookies

Getting to work in a beautiful historic mansion each day


. . .

What about you?

Thankful For…Week 26

Some things on the thankfulness radar as of late:

Graduation eve!


Checking things off my calendar


Fun moments during the busy last week of school


Snow blanketing the trees and ground


Ethiopian food


My final final


Libraries providing access to sweet books

Thankful For…Week 25

I am thankful for the opportunity to ring handbells for many people this week, something that brings me much joy.

I am thankful for sleeping well, something that has been more of an issue recently.

I am thankful for singing in the car.

I am thankful for the way memories can be attached to certain foods.

I am thankful for the way paper snowflakes unfold.

I am thankful to be graduating from college in a few short weeks.

I am thankful for calendars with beagle puppies.

I am thankful for the opportunity to pour bronze once again in my sculpture class.

I am thankful for windshield wipers on rainy days.

I am thankful for access to clean water.

What can you be thankful for?