Asked And Answered: And Free Caribbean Cruise

Here’s another episode of Asked And Answered, my scripted comedy Q&A talk show.

In this month’s episode I tell all about my free Caribbean cruise, discuss if I am forgiving or hold grudges, what I regret most, and more.

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Respect, Disrespect, & Unity

489I will not respect your opinion if it shows disrespect to other people.

Yes, we’re all free to have our opinion. Even this post, is simply my opinion. I believe the message of this post is true. You may agree with it, and you may not. Either way, I don’t want to force you into believing it because I do.

I am not going to honor opinions that are disrespectful. But, I am also not going to argue about how I think you’re wrong, because that only adds to the problem.

What are these ‘disrespectful opinions’?

These opinions breed division. They blame. They scapegoat. They belittle. They mock. They condemn. They refuse to listen or understand.

Disrespectful opinions separate people into dangerous categories: Good and bad. Innocent and guilty. Right and wrong. Solvers and problems. Holy and sinful. Perfect and abomination. Chosen and mistake.

As I withhold respect of these opinions, I need to watch myself from slipping into the same thing. I need to make sure that in rejecting fundamentalism I am not entering into more fundamentalism just with different beliefs. I need to remember to attack the disrespectful opinions, not the people who hold them. I must not return hate with hate and must not assume that I am right. Continue reading