Thankful For…March 2017

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Some things I’ve been thankful for as of late:

New ideas

Humorous celebrity memoirs

Veggie burgers

Spring is almost here!

Finally having some clarity about my future plans

Bank cookies

Getting to work in a beautiful historic mansion each day


. . .

What about you?

Asked And Answered: And Suspicious

Here’s another episode of Asked And Answered, my scripted comedy Q&A talk show.

In this month’s episode I give an update about my upcoming free Caribbean cruise, discuss whether someone is recording my voice, showcase some completely healthy paranoia, and more.

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Possibilities & Reality

img_20161008_132703158When I first started writing this post, I expected by the time I would publish it I would have heard back from all of the graduate school programs to which I applied. I even decided to publish it towards the end of the day instead at the beginning of the day in hope that I would hear back from the one remaining program. But that’s not the way it went. I’m still waiting for a response from the last program.

Over the past few weeks I have experienced the dwindling of possible futures. Although graduate school is only one part of my life, it will significantly shape the outcome of my life. It will shape what I learn, how I think, what I know, what I do, and many other things.

As I’ve received rejection letters from programs to which I’ve applied, I have been disheartened. Yet, present is a tinge of hope. Because with each denied admission I am closer to life that will be. The reality I will live, that will be mine. Last fall as I applied I began to imagine my life. There were many possible outcomes, each with their perks and annoyances. And while neither of the two remaining possibilities are my top choice, I know more now than I did two months ago when I felt like my future was on hold. So that’s something to celebrate: I know more than I did before. I have been given back the ability to plan. Continue reading