Asked And Answered: And State

Here’s another episdoe of Asked And Answered, my scripted comedy Q&A talk show.

In this month’s episode I discuss my soul kitchen utensil, what impact I want to leave on the world, my joke-telling abilities, which state I would sink (if I had to), and more.

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What Are We Even Doing?

016-2In case you’ve been living under a rock, things haven’t been going so well for the ol’ people of Earth.

Divisions are widening. Tensions are increasing. Truth seems hard to pin down.

Oh, and people are dying.

And it seems like all I can do is watch. In disbelief. In shock. In anger. In tears. In concern for the future.

The non-stop cycle of news is overwhelming. There always seems to be another terrible event.

I want to ignore these things, but I also can’t bear to tune them out because they are so gripping. Because they are real events that affect real people. I cannot unsee or unhear so many things 45 (aka D***** T****, whose name I refuse to have on this blog) has said and done. I cannot unsee the pictures of dead children in Aleppo.  I cannot unsee the desperation of the water protectors at Standing Rock to be heard and respected. I cannot unread the stories of families separated and people banned from entering the United States.

Unfortunately, the tragedy in Aleppo the others mentioned above are just a few of the many horrific things to take place in recent months. The list of heartbreaking injustices is always longer than it should be, but it seems especially long these days. Continue reading