Asked And Answered: And Lemons

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In this month’s video, find out what I’d do if life gave me lemons, what I think of golf, how I might have scammed my way into a free cruise, and more!

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Waiting as a Gift

img_20161007_181058877-2Every so often we experience times when our circumstances feel out of our control, when uncertainty is the only thing of which we can be certain.

I am presently in one of those times. In the past when I have had to wait for things, usually I have known what I was waiting for. This allowed me to plan ahead. But right now I find myself unable to plan, because it will be about two months until I hear the answers that will determine where I will be living for at least the next three years of my life. In addition, the answers will significantly alter the course of my life from here on out. My applications have been sent in. All I can do is wait.

In my situation there are four potential outcomes: one involves graduate school in a new town in my home state, two involve graduate school in the same area I went to college, and the final one involves moving back to that area but not attending graduate school. I’m not sure which one will become reality. I can hope, but there are pros and cons to every option, and no amount of hope will change the outcome. Another difficulty is that it is nearly impossible to know which of these options is most likely to come true.

Right now I am living in this weird state where I can’t plan my future. As a planner, this is incredibly frustrating. Not knowing what a large part of my life will be like for the next three years is irritating. The next few months of my calendar are eerily blank. In a way this situation feels like the season finale of a television show. I’m waiting in suspense for the big reveal. Yet this is not a season finale. This is not just some story I can watch and walk away from. It is a story that I will have to accept and then live. Continue reading