Asked And Answered: Channel Trailer

There are several big announcements I’ll be making in the next few days, but I want to give a preview of one of those to let you all know more about what is coming. Enjoy…

Asked And Answered is a scripted comedy question and answer talk show that is about to join Wonders in the Wind! I’ll let the trailer speak for itself, but more information about Asked And Answered as well as some other exciting developments will be revealed in a few days!

Intrigued by Michael Reads Minds? Check out the trailer for this channel that is totally real…probably.

What Happened, Not What’s Wrong


What’s wrong with you?¬†What happened to you?

These two questions seem to get at the same thing. They both are inquisitive in nature, yet there is a noticeable difference in the tone of the questions.

‘What’s wrong with you?’ is usually asked with a bite, spoken with anger.

This question really isn’t looking for an answer. It’s a sharp reflexive punch used to shock an adversary.

However, other times it is asked with the right intentions, but this question fails to effectively display one’s genuine concern.

‘What happened to you?’ takes a quieter, empathetic posture.

It is kinder, and actually invites an answer. A long answer, even.

Asking what happened comes off as less of a personal attack; it shows that they are interested in getting to know us. They aren’t judging us, they want to hear more information from us. Continue reading