Perils of the Anxious Artist

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It’s an intriguing concept to want to create and share yet be terrified of doing just that. But it’s more than an idea, it’s a reality for many bloggers, dancers, actors, writers, painters, sculptors, speakers, musicians, and other artists.

Artists have many ideas spinning in their head, itching to be expressed through their body in some way. So while part of art is the creation by the group or individual, another part is the experience of the viewer. Their reaction in many ways adds depth to the art. In relation to blogging, I can write a post, but no one can respond until I publish it. I will never know how others will experience the post until I release it for the public viewing.

While artists possess a flurry of possibilities, they also have reasons why they should give up and do something else with their lives, which include: Continue reading

Thankful For…Week 15 (#ImNotABox)

This Thankful For… is special in many ways. As you see in the title, this is the 15th edition of the series. That’s pretty neat. Additionally, this post shamelessly promotes Zappos’ outside of the box campaign #ImNotABox. Also, possibly this post is all a ploy to get the attention of Zappos. We’ll never know.

To start off, I am thankful for boxes. They make it easy to carry and store things. I also like that they assist in the safe delivery of items purchased online. I’m glad items are not shipped in plastic bags.


However, boxes are more than boxes. They are spaceships, hats, secret hideouts, and more. The possibilities are endless.

Zappos’ new #ImNotABox campaign that I am so thankful for encourages creativity by providing ways for customers to reuse the box that carried whatever they ordered.


So without further ado, I will now continue to show off how amazing this box is describe some things I am thankful for as I interact with this box that is not a box. Continue reading

Exaggerating Our Lives For What?

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Since moving to Minnesota for college, I have noticed that many Minnesota residents, Minnesotans if you will, tend to aggrandize things about the state.

Coming from Illinois, I am not used to taking a lot of pride in my state. In my experience, the only thing Illinois residents have that comes close to state pride is a collective disappointment over how broke the state is and the small problem of our governors bending the rules so they can partake in some additional public service. In prison.

Initially, hearing the exaggerations from Minnesotans was somewhat comical. Sometimes it still is. Other times, however, it is off-putting and from my perspective, a little vain.

One of the big ones I have heard is this:

“We have the WORST winters ever. It doesn’t even compare to the mild winters in other places.”

Actually, no. I can attest that Minnesota winters are in fact cold. And I agree that they are colder than what I am used to in Illinois, as one would expect. But the winters in many other states such as North Dakota, Maine, Wyoming, and of course Alaska are around the same temperature or colder. Also, Minnesota just makes the top ten of the America’s snowiest states. Please stop the false uniqueness.

Here’s another gem I’ve heard: Continue reading