8 Smart Strategies To Change Someone’s Mind


In life, we often come against people who for some crazy reason have the audacity to hold an opinion that is different from ours.

Disagreements are lame, so we usually have to work out some sort of compromise so everyone feels heard and valued to some degree.

This post outlines some natural* and scientifically backed** strategies to change someone’s mind and smooth out any disagreement.

1. Reverse Psychology


Tell them what you don’t want, acting like it is what you want. This strategy is so straightforward and is impossible to be misinterpreted. Continue reading

Words That Capture Me

IMG_20160703_200626409 (3)

As some of you may know, the beginning of this blog was the result of keeping a personal journal every day for one whole year. True, a year is not the longest span of time, but compared to my previous efforts to journal, a year is a major accomplishment. When I have journaled before I was lucky to write entries three days in a row.

I have been journaling daily for a year and a half now, and as I have journaled, little words or phrases have stuck out. These snippets seem to sufficiently capture a specific theme that is important in my life at the time. I come up with some of them, and others I read somewhere or hear from someone around me. These words and phrases hold a lot of meaning to me; each one sticks around for a few months, then a new word of phrase bubbles up.

Since I started journaling, I’ve used the following words and phrases to sum up my perspective on life at different points. Continue reading