My First Six Months Blogging


I have been blogging for six months! To mark the special occasion, I am going to reflect on what I have learned in the process of running this blog.


I did a lot of research before starting this blog. In the early stages I read somewhere that I should come up with at least 40 post ideas before starting. That way I could see if I had enough ideas to make it past my first couple posts. So I did that.

I wanted to be really sure that I had the drive and interest to blog consistently for more than a month or two, and I didn’t want to be fumbling for ideas a few weeks in; nor did I want to announce that I couldn’t continue writing a month after starting; nor did I want to blog at random intervals whenever I had something to write on.

It’s true that there is a lot to learn from our mistakes. I figured I would learn much through starting and maintaining a blog, so once I held a decent amount of information about starting a blog, I dove in.


I wrote my first series early on. Part one of the series on pining was my third official post. I knew it was a bit soon to start a series, but I really wanted to write about A Fine Frenzy’s album, Pines. Though I thought the series might be a detour, in a way it helped set the stage for the future of the blog. It established some majors themes that I have written on in several posts, and also set the precedent of bringing in wisdom from outside sources. Continue reading

Killed By Kindness

IMG_20160317_125445668 (3)

Kill them with kindness.

Cross-stitched on pillows everywhere.

It’s a nice sentiment, and a highly favorable alternative to actually killing someone with hatred or aggression or shame.

But does the fact that kindness is a positive characteristic make up for the desire to kill? To attack? To overwhelm?

I’m sure I am taking the phrase beyond its original intent; when we carry out this action we are not hoping it will end in someone’s death. It’s just an expression; a cliché. Still, I think it is wise to know what we mean when we say things. So what does this phrase mean? Continue reading

Thankful For…Week 10

What can you be thankful for this week? It could be something unique to you, or it could affect many people. What are some things you’ve been taking for granted? The big one for me this week is the ability to use a computer and easily access the internet.

Photos were taken in Peru, IL.Screenshot (55)

Screenshot (61) Continue reading

A Lot of People, But Not Everyone

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A lot of people have a blog, but not everyone.

A lot of people like to cook, but not everyone.

A lot of people are business owners, but not everyone.

A lot of people can sing, but not everyone.

A lot of people are parents, but not everyone.

A lot of people can act, but not everyone.

A lot of people are students, but not everyone.

A lot of people enjoy writing, but not everyone.


We are kidding ourselves if we think that we are totally unique, in the sense that no one can relate to us.

In fact, we are more like those around us than we sometimes care to admit. We are all human beings; breathing, laughing, living. We eat, we sleep. We wake.

There is so much that people have in common, yet in those commonalities reside a host of variations. Continue reading

What Exactly Is Loyalty?

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Loyalty has many relatives, including trust, commitment, faithfulness, fidelity, honor, integrity, allegiance, and reliability. These synonyms give us a fuller picture of what loyalty is, but despite their helpfulness, they all only explain small pieces of the concept. They do not thoroughly dictate how loyalty is to be lived out.

I highly value loyalty. It is something that I hope to embody, and I deeply respect this quality in other people. While it is something I try to possess, I have many questions about it.

My aim with this post is to pin down some of the fine points of loyalty. I’ll provide my best attempt at addressing the questions I have on the subject. Hopefully this further clarifies how we can all apply loyalty to our lives.

Some of my questions have answers that are more straightforward than others, some are answered by more questions, and some questions are not answered at all. It’s not for lack of effort, but rather the absence of an answer is the most appropriate answer I have. This falls in line with my perspective that not all questions need answers, or even have answers. Some questions just need their moment to be asked.

When does someone become loyal?

Approximately thirty-five weeks into a relationship. Okay, maybe not. Obviously loyalty does not have a time-specific requirement. Nor does loyalty have an expiration date, not to say that it never ends, but also not to say that it always ends. Continue reading