Perks of Being Underrated

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Ingrained in our minds is the idea that more attention equals more success. Society tells us we need to be more popular. That how many people are watching us is more important that what we are doing. We are told that our level of success in many ways defines us.

So though we might want fame, popularity, or more recognition for the things we do, we should also recognize the benefits of not having those things. In wishing for something different we can miss out on the opportunity to appreciate what is in the present.

Less Pressure. When our every move isn’t heavily scrutinized, there is less pressure to perform. Our life isn’t banking on us to uphold a certain image. We shouldn’t have to compete with ourselves. And we especially should not have compete with a false version of ourselves. It isn’t fair to anyone, and it’s a losing battle. When we are of little notice, we don’t face as much pressure to alter ourselves so we are something others want. Moreover, we can be thankful that most of the people who spend time with us genuinely like us. If we don’t have a lot of fame, we don’t have to worry if they are trying to better their status or feed off of whatever success we might have. Continue reading

12 Reasons Why Complaining is the BEST!!!


As all good Americans know, when we perceive that even one of our totally fundamental rights is being indirectly threatened, we must fight back by all excessive and shocking means conceivable. Some people today have gotten the loony idea that complaining is somehow bad for you. Next they’ll say chewing gum is pointless. These crooked clowns espouse things like gratitude and mindfulness. Well my mind is already full of the truth, and the only thing I am grateful for is that I am right.

So in order to protect all that’s good and decent, here are 12 reasons why I am sticking up for the right to complain.

1. As they say, misery loves company. Those old sayings are always true. Cheaters never prosper, right?

2. Complaining shows others how important your thoughts and experiences are. Other people may have the same words, but they don’t sound as effective if they aren’t coming from your mouth. Continue reading


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What goes around comes around.

This popular phrase refers to a belief that everyone will eventually get their ‘just desserts’. Do wrong to others, and eventually some sort of wrong will come back to us in karmic fashion. In turn, those who do good things will have good things done to them.

Some hold to this statement wholeheartedly, believing our actions are directly connected to other areas of life. I do agree that our actions have consequences. Sometimes they are favorable, sometimes not. Others view it as nonsense; they don’t think everyone always gets what they deserve. I can see how this is true too. Some people who cheat and steal still achieve success, and those put in the hard work aren’t always rewarded. No matter where you stand, I think there is some common ground here. I think we can all appreciate the principle of this phrase: things are connected. All of our lives are connected. Continue reading

Asking For Help


Can I get a little help? Can you help me?

Questions like these can be hard to ask. Sometimes I find it difficult to ask others for help. It’s not as distressing anymore, but it was more so when I was younger. Growing up my parents would often tell me to use my words. For me, the problem was not about someone helping me as much as it was having to ask for help. Because in order to do that I would need to realize that I needed help. That I couldn’t do something on my own.

I recently read the book Difficult Conversations by Douglas Stone, Bruce Patton, and Sheila Heen for a class I am taking. I really enjoyed the book as a whole, though there were several points that really struck me. As I read it, I thought of how important it is to be honest when we communicate. Continue reading