On Pining (Part 3: Arriving)

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This third and final post on the themes presented in A Fine Frenzy’s album, Pines, will dwell on the final song, “Untitled (Grasses Grow)”.

This song serves as a conclusion to the story, the journey of ceasing to pine, as well as finding where we belong. The message presented in this song is connected to the sense of arriving. Of coming to a place where we can stand and breathe deeply. Where we are sure enough to relax.

Do we ever really, truly arrive? And how do we know when we have arrived to a place that we belong? Continue reading

On Pining (Part 2: Where You Belong)

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This is the second post in a series reflecting on the themes described in A Fine Frenzy’s album, Pines. This post will focus exclusively on the message of “Riversong”, my favorite song on the album. In short, “Riversong” wonderfully captures the journey of someone who is looking for where they belong.

The author, Alison Sudol, says that she wrote this album for a number of reasons, one of them being that in life we sometimes just live in particular ways, which makes it troublesome to know if we are on the path we actually want to be on. She says it takes a lot of “courage to stop and shift, and make a new path, to wherever it is you actually want to go.” Continue reading

On Pining (Part 1: No Longer Pining)

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Alright, so for the next few weeks, I will be writing on some themes discussed in A Fine Frenzy’s album, Pines.

This album is an allegory. It tells a story that that alludes to a time of transition for the author. The messages brought up in this story have been very meaningful to me, and so I thought I would share some of my takeaways from the album.

And I figured this could serve as a recommendation to check out the album for yourself (If you do, you must listen to it all at once, start to finish, to get the full effect). It’s a beautiful, poetic, and I believe, profound listening experience.

Without further ado, this first post will focus on the main message of the album. Though this album stirs up many feelings, I believe there is an overarching theme. In the Pines album trailer, Alison Sudol, the artist behind A Fine Frenzy, says, “You could spend your whole life wondering about things, and you could miss it. I wrote this record to stop wondering, to stop pining.” Continue reading

Being Present

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There, but not really engaged.

Scrolling, but not really reading.

How often do we go through the motions in life, moving without recognizing what we are actually doing?

We may be doing something, but our focus is somewhere else, wondering about someone else, some situation in the future, and so on. We can do this to the point that we miss out on the wonderful and fleeting present. More time passes and we still wonder excessively about things that have passed and things that are to come. Is a life really lived if it is so focused on the past and the future? Continue reading